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Friday, 6 February 2015

Communications officer

Posted By on Friday, February 06, 2015

Action Aid International Rwanda (AAIR) is a country programme of ActionAid International (AAI) – an anti-poverty agency working with poor, voiceless people, communities and similar-minded partners worldwide.  ActionAid is a non-partisan, non-religious development organisation that has been working in Rwanda as a full Country Programme since 1997 to contribute towards eradication of poverty and injustices with a focus on tackling the root causes of poverty. The organisation is primarily concerned with the promotion and defence of economic, social, cultural, civil and political human rights.  AAIR  has very strong commitment to supporting delivery of Governement programmes  and strategies including EDPRS and Vision 2020.

Our vision and mission is a society free of poverty and injustice where every citizen fully enjoys the right to life with dignity. ActionAid International Rwanda is implementing its five year strategic plan since 2013 to 2017 and undergoing a Management Development Process for better effectiveness and efficiency to deliver on its mandate to the people of Rwanda at the community and district level and at National level for policy influence and Advocacy.

AAIR is seeking for applications from well qualified and self-motivated persons to fill the position of Communications officer.

    1.      PURPOSE OF THE JOB

This position shall function in collaboratively with members of the programs & policy team and it exists to develop and implement the Country Programme’s Communication Strategy, which seeks to fulfil the strategic objectives, change promises and organisational priorities outlined in the AAIR CSP for 2013-2017. The Communications Officer is responsible for building a strong and credible profile, image and reputation of AAIR using effective, creative and innovative communication tools. The position aims to raise the profile and improve the visibility of the programs and partnerships of AAI Rwanda at local, national and international levels. It also seeks to enhance regular interaction, dialogue and communication with the key stakeholders of AAIR, including rights holders (women, children, youth and other people living in poverty) partners, AAI supporters, AA federation, civil society, the public, local and central government and donors. Overall, the Communications position contributes to the mainstreaming and integration of communication work within programmes, fundraising and sponsorship activities in order to maximise the impact of AAIR’s work at different levels.
The position holder shall report to the Head of Programs and Policy who shall also be the Supervisor.

    2.      Key Strategic Objectives:

    Development, implementation and monitoring of the AAIR Communication Strategy and plans.
    Capacity building and support of AAIR partners, rights holders and AAIR staff in developing effective communication strategies and activities
    Documentation of AAIR programmes and initiatives at different levels and production of publications
    Networking and representation of AAIR Country Programme  In communications forums both at national, Regional and International level;
    Support in Fundraising and Sponsorship activities to raise the CP’s profile
    Contribute to the Projects visibility and profiling

    3.      Principal Accountabilities

Development, implementation and monitoring of the AAIR Communication Strategy and plans

    Takes a lead in the integration of communication, documentation and information work in the AAIR CSP, Annual Plans and Budgets and Medium/long term plans and budgets
    Develops the AAIR Communication Strategy in consultation with Head of Programmes and Policy, SMT, ESMT and AAI IS Media and Communications Team.
    Manages monitors and reviews the implementation of the AAIR Communication Strategy.

Capacity building and support of AAIR partners, rights holders and AAIR staff in developing effective communication strategies and activities

    Identification of partners, rights holders and AAIR staff capacity building needs in documentation, communication and information sharing
    Developing and implementing capacity building plans on documentation, communication and information.
    Training, mentoring and coaching of AAIR partner organisations and AAI Staff in developing and managing their own documentation and communication strategies and activities, including follow up support visits to partners.

Documentation of AAIR programmes, Management of Website/HIVE and production of publications

    Management and updates of the AAIR Website, Social media sites and HIVE sites.
    Writing, editing and supervision of the production and dissemination of AAIR publications communication and information materials (e.g. newsletters, magazines, press conferences, Media and policy briefs , brochures, flyers, posters, videos etc.) and Produces internal and external newsletters, press releases, AAIR magazine, brochures, flyers and posters. Also assists in the production of audio and video productions.
    Development and dissemination of IEC materials that facilitate sensitization of right holders, communities and other key stakeholders on relevant rights issues linked to CSP strategic objectives and key change promises.
    Compilation of significant stories of change and testimonies from rights holders (Women, children, youth and other people living in poverty), partners and other stakeholders of the programme.
    Compilation of best practices/ success stories and case studies.
    Support in design, production and dissemination of the AAIR Annual Reports, Progress Reports and Country Strategy Plan.
     Lead research activities for compilation and storage of information in relation to program activities.

Networking and representation of AAIR Country Programme

    Acts as Media Liaison person for the AAIR Country Programme as directed by Management
    Identifies, facilitates and maintains contacts and relationships with the local and global Media in order to build a strong public profile and visibility of AAIR and its partnerships.
    Drafts press statements and organises press conferences in consultation with Country Director and/or Head of Programmes and Policy.
    Organizes and facilitates AAIR’s public relations and marketing activities, including organisation of Exhibitions at relevant platforms (e.g. Agricultural shows, NGO Expo, Trade Fairs, Public Meetings, Civil Society Meetings, Donor Round Table meetings etc.)

    Contributes to the development and implementation of AAIR campaigns and advocacy work by mobilizing different Media and other key stakeholders and setting up effective communication platforms for different stakeholders of the programme in order to influence policy, attitudes and behaviour changes at local, national and regional/internal levels.
    Organising and co-facilitation of commemorations/anniversaries of International/Regional events at National, local and partner levels (e.g. International Women’s Day, 16 Days of Gender Activism, World Food Day, Rural Women’s Days, Day of African Child, World AIDS day, International Human Rights Day etc.)
    Participates in relevant AAI federation wide meetings (e.g. Media and Communication Team meetings); Civil society networking meetings; relevant Media events; Press Conferences and Campaigns being organized by AAIR partners, Civil Society and other likeminded organisations, including the UN and relevant government departments.

Support on Fundraising and Sponsorship work of AAIR

    Provide technical support to Sponsorship & Fundraising team in sponsorship communications activities
    Support Fundraising and Sponsorship and Programme Teams and AAIR partners in writing and editing of Community Newsletters and production of Reports
    Contribute to the development of Concept Papers and Project Proposals linked to the Strategic objectives of the CSP

Human Resources, Organisational effectiveness and other duties as delegated by Management

    Co-facilitation of partnership assessments, appraisals, baselines, LRP and National PRRPs
    Contributes to organisation of staff retreats, meetings and other internal communication demands.

Key Relationships
Internal Contacts
Under the supervision of the Head of Programs and Policy, the Communications officer shall also work closely with the following teams:

    Head of Programmes, Programme staff, Fundraising and Sponsorship staff
    Country Director, SMT, CMT and other AAIR Staff, including People for Change personnel when present
    Media and Communications Staff in other AAI Country programmes and AAI IS
    Rights Holders, Partner Staff, Board members and communities being served by the partners
    Resource Persons, Consultants and Facilitators appointed by AAIR and partners

External Contacts

    Local and external Media.
    Local authorities, Community leaders, Government Departments/Ministries, Parliamentarians, Politicians in areas or districts where AAIR partners are operating and at National level.
        Other likeminded organizations including local and international NGOs and other civil society groups, UN and donor agencies.

Required qualification and experience:


    A Bachelor’s degree gained from a recognised College or University i.e. either in Media Studies, or Communication, or Journalism, or Marketing or other related discipline.


    At least 3-5 years of practical experience working in a communications role in an NGO or  in the media as journalist, communications, information, public relations and/or marketing.

 Other requirements and competences

    Strong command in oral and written English and Kinyarwanda as well as a working Knowledge of French.
    High skills level in using different Computer software packages for producing various publications and IEC materials.
    A flair for writing and finding the good stories.
    Experience working with new media/web will be an added advantage.
    Interpersonal communication skills and proven skills in teamwork.
    Ability and willingness to work with people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Actionaid is an equal opportunity Employer. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested and Qualified candidates should submit in filled Application forms to not later than 18th February, 2015 at 1:30pm.

Note that application forms are requested from the an official recruitment email of Actionaid International Rwanda.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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