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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Branch Manager or Head of Operations

Posted By on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Job Vacancy: Branch Manager & Head of Operations positions - English Speakers

UK4Africa is expanding into over 40 new African countries with its message of compassionate capitalism and the creation of a strong middle class in Africa. Our present focus are on energy and agriculture with a vision to ensure that the average African partakes of the windfall profits we intend to generate through these two key sectors. We also intend to make Africa one of the key energy sources of the world, empower our women and make hunger a thing of distant memory in our continent. Through energy and agriculture as well as the compassionate profit sharing with the average citizens of our continent, UK4Africa will be poised to lead the entire continent towards socioeconomic development, infrastructural emancipation, enhanced unity and new global identity of peace and prosperity.

We are looking for very aggressive self starters as our Branch Manger and Head of Operations in your country. The position will entail staff recruitment and management, office set up and logistics as well as public relations, media representation and supplier/vendor management.

Ideal candidates must have a post degree office management experience of at least 5 years with strong sales, marketing and IT backgrounds.  The ideal candidates must also be able to speak English language proficiently as well as the local lingua franca. The head of operations must in addition posses accounting and human resources management skills.

If selected, you will be expected to be a self starter and hit the ground running with office search, equipping and recruitment including other supporting functions.

Compensation is extremely attractive with many supporting bonuses including official vehicles within 3 months, health care coverage, accommodation assistance and international travels to the UK and various other African countries to attend meetings with the Chairman and founder.

How To Apply:
Kindly send CV along with a cover letter on why this position is good for you to

Also state if you are interested in the Branch Manager or Head of Operations position

We look forward to working with you as we continue the journey towards the economic emancipation of Africa through compassionate capitalism.

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