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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Systems and Process Officer

Posted By on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BBOXX Capital Rwanda wishes to recruit qualified and self-motivated staff to work in the following position of – Systems & Process Officer

BBOXX is an international company based in London leading the solar revolution across the developing world.  Currently operating in 14 different countries BBOXX has already electrified 325,000 people.  We are aiming to make that number 20 million by the year 2020.  Unlike other off-grid solar providers, BBOXX controls the whole process from design to manufacture to distribution and financing.

JOB DESCRIPTION – Systems & Process Officer

Reports to: Systems and Process Manager
Location: Field and Distribution Centre

To stop small problems from becoming big problems: providing day-to-day support to field staff in correctly implementing processes and using tools, and carrying out audit and implementation tasks in the field as required by the Systems and Process Manager.

Job’s Responsibilities

  • Travel to BBOXX shops to spot check how well staff are following processes and using tools, and correct them where necessary
  • Serve as the local point of contact for troubleshooting IT tools and fixing problems with implementation
  • Lead refresher and change management trainings
  • Audit systems and processes using the BBOXX Process Audit tool
  • Provide recommendations for improvements to systems and processes                                                           
Description of tasks
  •     Diagnose problems in field-based IT tools and report bugs to the IT team
  •     Fix problems in usage of IT tools that do not require changes to the tools themselves
  •     Troubleshoot implementation problems (both IT- and non-IT related)
  •     Train staff when processes are changing or when they need refreshers
  •     Coach staff to improve at carrying out systems and processes: understanding where (and why) they are having problems, and patiently and persistently working with them to improve
  •     Conduct spot audits of process implementation at shops, as requested by line managers or the Systems and Process Manager
  •     Support the Systems and Process Manager in carrying out quarterly process audits, observing staff behaviors and entering results in an Excel-based tool
  •     Understand a wide variety of processes, ranging from sales to stock management to HR, at a high enough level of detail to be able to train others and answer questions                                                                                                                                      
Person Specification
We’re looking for energetic, disciplined, process-oriented people who can fix problems and are willing to get their hands dirty.  Good candidates will:

  •     Possess a university degree or at least 2 years work experience.  Good fields are things like Business Process Management, Systems Engineering, or Industrial Engineering.Ideally you have prior work experience that exposed you to the inner workings of “how things get done”.
  •     Be willing to travel frequently in rural areas.  A lot of this job will involve running around “firefighting” at shops in rural areas.  One day you may receive a call from a Shop Manager that her Customer Relationship Management system is not working, and you have to jump on a motorcycle to go help her.  The next day your manager may call and say there is a problem with stock management, so you have to visit five sites to see what shop managers are doing wrong and fix it.
  •     Have a drivers’ license
  •     Experience working with IT systems is a big plus
  •     Be uncompromisingly results-oriented.  This means you are not happy just because an activity has been completed, but are only satisfied when you see the results.  And you look for a similar standard in others: if something is not being done properly, you do not accept excuses—you hold that person to what they are supposed to be doing, or find the real problem and fix it.
  •     Enjoy learning and be able to grasp a breadth of fields and technologies. You will be assisting with processes across every function at BBOXX, from sales management to technical, as well as IT tools.  As such, you need to be willing to learn about anything.  You don’t need to be an expert in all these fields right now, but we are looking for someone with the intellectual curiosity to get to know them over time.
  •     Be persistent.  People don’t get things overnight or from a single training session; you will need to continually assess how well process implementation and keep following up with people until they are doing it right.
  •     Teach and coach effectively.  Whether presenting in front of a class, or sitting one-on-one with an individual student, you can help others learn.  Even more importantly you can coach others—you don’t just talk well, but can understand what is blocking someone and tailor your teaching to them.
  •     Be able to analyze data at an intermediate level.  You won’t need to do any complicated analyses, but you do need the detail orientation and analytical skills to process quantitative audit results into useful analyses.
  •     Use Excel proficiently.  You’ll need to prepare basic reports and budgets in Excel.  Nothing fancy, but you need to know formulas, and be willing to learn more complicated functions.

 Deadline: Sunday,31st January, 2016at17.00 hours

How to apply:

  1. Send your C.V. and cover letter to
  2. Must put the position you are applying for in the subject line. Failure to do this, your application shall not be considered.

 Only Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview.

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