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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Research & Communication Specialist

Posted By on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Terms of Reference: Banking Sector Research & Communication Specialist

A. Background
Rwanda Bankers Association (RBA) was legally incorporated in 2010. Its principal mandate is to promote acceptable banking standards and practices in Rwanda and assist its members in the conduct of sound and progressive operations in their businesses.

RBA aims at becoming a strong, efficient and sustainable organization that contributes to the development of the banking industry through delivery of innovative and market-led financial services and products to its members whilst ensuring that international best practices are brought in the local market.

RBA is governed by its Executive Council which consists of the CEO’s of all member Banks and is advised by six sub-committees. It has a Secretariat which is the focal point and runs the day to day activities of the Association. Headed by the Executive Secretary, the Secretariat provides links with local, regional and international institutions related to the banking industry in matters such as advocacy, bilateral cooperation and human capital development.

It is with this background that RBA Secretariat is looking for a strong Research and Communication Specialist to support its today support to its members and stakeholders.

B. Job Description:

The Research & Communication Specialist will:

1. Research Roles:

  • Provide research and analysis to the Banking Sector (in Rwanda and the Region). One aspect of this support also includes, when needed, working on research papers and working on longer term research projects with Banking Sector staff and stakeholders.
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities and development opportunities in the country and the region. The Research Analyst will interview member Banks and stakeholders on their information needs, conducting research and coordinating dissemination of the findings in a timely and efficient manner to make sure they have relevant information as far as the Banking Section is concerned.
  • Work on improving Banking sector services, assessing existing products if they match with the current demand and identify gaps, providing guidance on new products development and marketing these services and products to the members;
  • Proactively research new web resources and updated information on issues relevant for Banking sector and make sure this information is disseminated to members.

2. Communication roles
  • Develop and ensure the successful implementation of an innovative communications strategy to distil and disseminate RBA research to relevant stakeholders and a wider audience.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of all research undertaken;
  • Support the development of “the Bankers” Bulletin / newspaper and hunt for the content and validate it and insure its dissemination;
  • Support the development and maintenance of the RBA website and the databases by monitoring new papers, databases, conferences etc. to be posted.
  • Manage RBA social networks;
  • Represent RBA at public events and in public communications, as directed by the Executive Secretary;
  • Manage the publication and promotion of RBA’s materials, including design and printing;
  • Ensure that RBA’s communication outputs are of a high standard, respond to the needs of the target audience, and are delivered within agreed budget and timelines
  • Advanced Degree (Master’s) in finance, business, economics or related field with 3 years’ experience in similar position or Bachelor’s degree in the above mentioned fields with 5 years in a similar position such as research analysis/evaluation, documentation, records and information management in Financial matters.
  • Exposure to technical issues relating to financial systems such as banking, capital markets, payment systems, microfinance, etc.
  • Excellent research skills and ability to identify relevant information, strong organizational and communication skills, ability to work in teams in a fast paced environment to make sure the best service is provided to the members quickly.
  • Strong knowledge of software packages essential to the research and analysis and ability to learn using new software packages;
  • Exceptional communication skills with ability to prepare, present and discuss findings in written and oral form. Proactive ability to see large picture context of how members research fits into the Banking sector overall strategy trends.
  • Ability to observe trends and important issues in the day-to-day strategy of members and translate these observations into improving communication through the banking sector issues.
  • Fast learner and commitment on developing new skills to be involved in more operational areas of the Association.
How To Apply:
Interested candidates are requested to submit their curriculum vitae, cover letter an authentic copy of degrees & certificate, an ID photocopy to not later than 10th May 2016 at 6:00pm. 

For inquiry please dial (+250) 252577426.

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