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Monday, 23 January 2017

Country Operations Manager

Posted By on Monday, January 23, 2017

International regulation (Section 1502 of the Dodd Frank Act in the US, and EU directive on responsible procurement of minerals) means that access to international conflict-free minerals markets by upstream operators can now conditioned by conformance to the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (OECD Guidance).

Rwanda is covered by such regulation and, whilst replete with extensive mineral resources, suffers from some level of mistrust from international buyers, combined with limited sectorial expertise, underdeveloped oversight mechanisms, contagion from natural resource-fuelled conflict in neighboring countries – all of which has hampered private sector investment into responsible mineral production. Rwanda-based artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) operators in particular experience unfair competition from traders perpetuating a business model reliant on theft and smuggling, and negative contribution to local economic development.

BSP has developed an approach to mineral supply chain due diligence which is compliant with international smelter/refinery audit requirements and has progressively gained acceptance from international buyers as a means to fulfil due diligence recommendations from the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (OECD Guidance). The program is articulated around a suite of due diligence systems that operationalize the OECD Guidance, which are flexible enough to account for the varying circumstances of, and all risks associated with, ASM and semi‑

mechanized minerals production. It also facilitates information sharing at local level, and supports harmonized communication to international stakeholders.

BSP is now aiming to assist the Rwandan government and mining operators by restoring incentives for investment and transparent revenue allocation, through effective compliance with international due diligence expectations. The Program will generate pertinent information on the local mining context and communities, and help stakeholders better report that information. This in turn is expected to favorably distinguish Better operators and improve the terms of their access to market.

Job Description

Reporting and Accountability

The Better Sourcing Operations Manager at country level (Country Operations Manager, COM) is the focal point for BSP operations in Rwanda. The COM reports to:

-     The BSP Country Director in Kigali for activity updates, local stakeholder engagement, administration and finance

-     Relevant Program Analysts (in Europe) for data collection and compilation consistent with Better Sourcing Standards

The COM shall be familiarized with the BSP approach and oversee implementation of Better Sourcing due diligence systems (traceability and ongoing risk management), including at the level of participating mine sites and operators, and may also monitor other specific local projects and contracts – as well as international representation where relevant.

The COM is in charge of the team of field agents, and planning of their activities.

Location and Geographical Scope

The COM is based in Kigali, with frequent travel to mining areas as they may be added to the Program implementation scope.

International travels may become necessary, particularly to contribute to BSP expansion to other countries and build on lessons learned from Rwanda.


1) Activities Associated with the Implementation of BSP Systems

a) Traceability System
The COM will:

  •     Become familiarized with the BSP / GeoT traceability system;
  •     Work closely with BSP filed agents, and relevant government agents at the mine site and along the supply chain to ensure appropriate handling of the traceability system;
  •     Engage with relevant mining company staff (e.g. traceability officer, management etc.) to support implementation and ensure operational integration with existing risk management systems;
  •     Coordinate registration of supply chain participants, including miners where relevant;
  •     Help incorporate this data into relevant information database and systems;
  •     Assist in the installation and maintenance of traceability systems on site and at export level;
  •     Be responsible for the tagging and scanning process;
  •     Contribute to initial trainings on BSP/GeoT systems;
  •     Over time, provide additional training assistance on other topics, as identified in collaboration with the BSP Project team.

b) Information Management System (IMS)
The COM will:

  •     Become familiarized with the BSP IMS and associated procedures;
  •     Coordinate monitoring and information collection (including incidents) activities at mine sites and along the supply chain, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders;
  •     Oversee implementation and ongoing use of the IMS and associated risk mitigation planning, in consultation and full collaboration with all relevant stakeholders;
  •     Provide regular updates to the BSP Country Director and Project Team (frequency and scope of reporting to be defined);
  •     Participate in trainings on the IMS (data collection, transferring information, accessing mitigation plans, management of the database for collected incidents etc.) to be provided to operators, government agents and other relevant stakeholders;
  •     Over time, provide additional training assistance on these topics, as identified in collaboration with the BSP Project team.

c) Ongoing Reporting
The COM will:

  •     Become familiarized with the BSP information sharing, reporting and communication procedures;
  •     Ensure appropriate collection and availability of all the necessary data and information necessary to ensure Better Sourcing validation of a supply chain on an ongoing basis;
  •     Provide local input to the BSP continuous improvement objectives, in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  •     Liaise with the BSP Project Team to systematically optimize reporting procedures.

2) Administration, Finance & Logistics
The COM will:

  •     Support the Country Director with the identification of logistical needs and requirements to ensure that activities in Rwanda can meet BSP objectives in terms of robustness and quality;
  •     Support the identification and selection of additional staff resources at local level as they become necessary, in consultation with the BSP Country Director;
  •     Support administrative and financial tasks and duties associated with BSP deployment in Rwanda.

Interested candidate should

  •     Have a proven minimum of 4 years of working experience as project manager preferably in areas of natural resources management with an ability to move forward in a complex, fast paced and demanding environment;
  •     Demonstrate high competence in data interpretation, human resources management, planning and coordination field activities;
  •     Be an appreciated communicator/moderator in a multi-stakeholders environment or gathering;
  •     Proficient user of Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint;
  •     Be fluent in both English and French and Kinyarwanda;
  •     Be available to travel within and outside Rwanda;
  •     Hold a Master’s Degree.

Candidate Availability

The successful candidate must be able to start work immediately after receipt of BSP notification or their candidacy may not be considered.

Contract Type and Duration

This is a full-time consultancy contract. It shall cover an initial period of 18 months, from February 1st, 2017, including a three-month probation period.

How to Apply

Interested candidate should submit their application letter, CV and copy(ies) of academic documents to with copy to by 27th January 2017.

Better Sourcing Program Ltd
Impact Hub Kigali (3rd Floor), No 34, KN 41 Street
Kiyovu, Nyarugenge, City of Kigali

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