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Monday, 16 January 2017

Loan Field Officer

Posted By on Monday, January 16, 2017

Position: Loan Field Officer
Department: Customer Finance, Regional / National Hub
Level: Mid-level professional / Senior
Contract: Non-permanent
Working hours: Full-time

The Loan Field Officer (LFO) is based in region. He is responsible for the two following tasks within his designated geographical area of assigned Market Hubs (MH): (1) supporting the customer assessment process; (2) receivables work-out. The LFO reports to the Supervising Loan Field Officer.

The LFO is responsible to carry out the following tasks:

Supporting the customer assessment process

  • Carry out field visits to analyse existing customers with the aim to gather data for Mobisols’ benchmark database
  • In the future: Perform decision making within lines of Mobisols’ segmented approval rights

Receivables work-out:
Handle customers in late repayment according to Mobisols’ escalation routine. Work-out strategies and designated tasks of the LFO include:

  • Carry out phone calls with customers in late repayment
  • Carry out field visits and analyse customers in late repayment
  • Negotiate resumption of payment
  • Carry out repossessions in case customer defaulted
  • Establish and maintain relationship with local authorities
  • Work Process/ Authority

Reporting: Supervising Loan Field Officer

Authority: None


  • Customer Finance department Rwanda
  • Assigned RH
  • Assigned MHs, including Market Hub Operators, Sales Agents, MobisolTechnicans

  • Compliance with Customer Finance policy and procedural guideline
  • Maintaining PAR 1 at <= 5% in assigned region
  • 6 customers visited on average per day


  • Preference will be given to candidates who are living in Eastern Province
  • Diploma or Bachelors’ degree, preferably in Microfinance, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness or other related fields of studies such as Economics, Community Development Studies
  • Relevant job experience, preferably as a loan officer or agricultural loan officer with a Microfinance Institution or SACCO is an asset. High priority will be given to those which have had a high exposure to individual lending methodology
  • High level of familiarity with typical income, expenditure and cash flow patternsof rural households and micro enterprises, including those offarmers, livestock farmers, business owners (trade, services, production) and employees
  • Strongabilitytocriticallyreflectself-reportedhouseholdfinancialdata
  • Good knowledge background in agriculture (crop and soil variety, crop cycles,farming methodologies, crop yield, agricultural value chains and risks, etc.)
  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to retrieve sensitive customer information
  • High willingness to spend the majority of time travelling within assigned districts to meet customers
  • Openness to working in a flexible and creative work environment
  • Very good organizational skills, dynamic self-starter and team player
  • High level of self-motivation, with an ability to balance multiple tasks while working under tight deadlines with close attention to detail, accuracy and quality at all times
  • Fluency in Kinyarwanda. English an asset.
  •  ComputerliteracyandproficiencywithMSExcelandWord
  • Moto cycle permit is required:  category A

The last day to send  CV January 25th 2017

Send the CV to the following email:

Training possibilities

  • Initial Mobisol product and service training
  • Regular database and excel training via MobisolAkademie

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