Sunday, March 10, 2019

Champion of Change Coordinator

Published by Admin on March 10, 2019

Plan International Rwanda has secured funding from Plan International Belgium to build the critical assets of adolescent refugee girls in Rwanda. In this regard, Plan is implementing a project called “Empowering Girls for Equality” in Gihembe and Nyabiheke refugee camps. It is an opportunity to train refugee men/boys to become champions of change towards gender equality so that adolescent refugee girls enjoy their rights through the engagement of men and boys in positive masculinity and support other project activities which lead to the empowerment of adolescent girls in both refugee camps.

The project aims to directly impact at least 878 adolescent girls aged 10-17 and 585 adolescent boys aged 10-17 in both camps. Through direct content delivery from trained 135 mentors (81 female –girl’s mentors and 54 male-boys mentors) aged 18-40. Through safe spaces for girls in the camps, over 5,000 girls aged 5-17 will be reached. Through campaigns and positive masculinity programming, over 4,800 boys aged 5-17 will be indirectly reached.

Dimensions of the Role

Plan International Rwanda is looking for a good Champion of Change Coordinator who has a combined profile of knowledge on gender equality and solid experience working with young people in order to influence attitudes and behavioral changes. S/he should also enjoy working and discussing Gender Equality and Men Engagement topics with youths especially boys. S/he needs to be comfortable with her/his own views and self-reflective, foster dialogue and be comfortable responding to questions about her/his own experiences in a non-directive manner.

A determined and experienced Champion of Change Coordinator is needed to engage boys and girls in Nyabiheke and Gihembe refugee camps. Champion of Change module was developed by Plan International to work with youth on gender equality, working with boys and girls to act as champions and peer educators. This programme encompasses capacity building of male youth as peer educators by developing a real understanding of their cultural, social and religious contexts and how these impact them. This initiative engages and shifts the agenda from boys and men as one of the sources of gender inequality to boys and men as part of the solution to transform discriminatory gender norms and practices. Girls and boys may come together to discuss their changing views on gender and social transformation and work together to find solutions for their own communities guided by a skillful facilitator.

Interested candidate can apply through 

not later than 17 March 2019.